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Single Malt Whisky.

The idea was simple; make the finest single malt whisky, once it's excellent make more, & do it here on Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

Not just any whisky, but one New Zealand can call its own. We pay respect to Scotland and Ireland, but we're doing it our way.

Over 10 years, using just 3 ingredients, we've produced an exceptional whisky ,and like all good things, it keeps getting better.

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Our unique Stills

Our copper pot stills, named V.I.T.R.I.O.L. 1 and 2, are the beating heart for the whisky we make. We went a long way back into the history of stills, to Victorian times, for the basis of our still, then we added the geodesic design – which allows the stills to maximise the copper contact. We built them ourselves and know every inch of them. Combine this with large diameter copper worms and we have a heavy rich newmake that packs a punch.

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How we make our whisky

Making whisky by the sea from pure rainwater, combined with organic Canterbury Malted Barley, gives us our unique taste profile. If you like salinity and seaweed with sweet nuts and cigar smoke you're in the right place. Our Island is our biggest ally.

But there's a lot more to it than just the raw ingredients, it's our wood, how we select our barrels, from first fill American Bourbon casks and Sherry to our own toasts using a variety of ex Waiheke wine barrels.

Welcome to our distillery

We are moving to our new distillery later this year.

We're sad to be leaving Shepards Point, it's been our home for 10 years, but so excited to show you what's coming.


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A new DRAM is born

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