the brewer

Our distillery proper started in 2010 with the help of Tony Denny. Tony was chief brewer for Lion Nathan for many years. Tony taught us how to mash in and everything that forms the basis of a good ferment. We've been incredibly lucky to have him on our team all these years.

The beekeeper

Richard Evatt, beekeper and production manager getting stuck in raking a mash. Richard and Mark started WW together. Richard brings a practicality and love for nature to the process.

the engineer

Eric became part of the business over a fireside chat about making whisky. Widely read on everything from Newton to Crowley, his concepts on distillation and design shaped our stills and ultimately our profile.

the stillman

To call Paddy Newton the stillman is an injustice. Winner of Winemaker of the Year more than once, he is a master of fermentation and taste [ and the forklift ] He is responsible for day to day produciton and quality control.

the dreamers

Mark always dreamed of a distillery on Waiheke to share with his friends. With Ro's support it has become a reality.