opening 2022

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New 25hl Brewhouse

moving home

We have outgrown our current home, and are building a new custom built distillery to home our new stills.

The building is home to new green technology including Solar power, electric steam boilers and a self contained water treatment plant.

The condensers are outside to assist with passive cooling, another energy saving design.

The brewhouse has 2500l mashtun and 2500l separate lautner tun. 6x 2500 washbacks allow for 7 days a week operation. The spiritsafe directs to 3x recivers, a 1200l low wines reciver, a 1200l feints reciever and 1000l spirit receiver.
The stills are accessible via a split level gantry, with condensers venting to atmosphere.
Co2 recovery capability has been incorporated into the washbacks.

visitor services

Bar and tasting room

A new whisky tasting room and bar has been designed alongside a dual purpose function room for events and tastings. The distillery houses a barrel and filling room .