Taste for yourself

Self guided tastings available everyday* at
The Heke, our restaurant and bar.

Virtual Tastings

Join Mark Izzard, founder of Waiheke Whisky, along with Colin Mairs and Phil from First Phil Whisky as they explore our exciting tasting sets - Adventures in New Zealand Peat and Dog Years. 

Second Release: Dog Years

Patrick Newton, head distiller at Waiheke joins us for a walk through our latest release, Dog Years, a selection of non peated  of NZ malts.  

Order the Dog Years tasting set here.

First Release: Adventures in New Zealand Peat

We have produced two videos, each created to suit either geek or beginner level whisky lovers - though you may enjoy them both anyway!  

Order the Adventures in New Zealand Peat tasting set here.

Whisky geek

Whisky beginner