Šeriš: Our sherry finish range.

The Excursion of One Eager to Penetrate the Horizons, [Nuzhat al-mushtāq fī ikhtirāq al-āfāq ]  otherwise known as the Tabula Rogeriana, or the map of Roger, was the most complete map of the world commissioned by Norman King Roger II of Sicily in 1138.  The map and accompanying text was complied by the Arabic cartographer, Muhammad Al-Adrisi, and finished 13 years later in 1154.  

Written in Arabic and Latin and accompanied by maps, it presented the world as a sphere. It calculated the circumference to be 37,000 kilometres (22,900 mi) — an error of less than 10 percent — and it hinted at the concept of gravity. Following the classical Greek tradition, Al-Idrisi had divided the world into seven climatic zones and described each in turn, supported by 70 longitudinal section maps which, when put together, made a rectangular map of the known world.



Al-Idrisi didn't just make a map, he documented a description of the countryside, centres of population, crops and distances to create a snapshot of the world in the XII century. It was thought up until the 1960s that the term "Sherry" derived from the Spanish name Jerez, the modern name for the town and region Jerez de la Frontera, where Sherry originated.

However the map proved that the Arabic place name “Šeriš” was already in use in the XII century in reference to Jerez, the English word “Sherry” was not derived from Jerez, rather that both words were derived from the Arabic name “Šeriš”. Thus, while in Spain the word evolved via Xeres to Jerez, in England it evolved via “Sherris” to “Sherry”. 

We celebrate this extraordinary work and its contribution to the history of science in our sherry range.  The history of even the word "Sherry" is fascinating, and protected to this day.  Our sherry barrels are from Australia where the term Sherry cannot be used and the name Apera is used to describe it instead. Seris 1 is Px barrel finish , Seris 2 Muscat finish and so on. Not all the Seris range are peated whiskies, it just denotes the barrel finish, 

Seris 1. 

Our first release in the Seris Range is our lightly peated, PX grape Apera barrels from Australia. 

Seris 1 is featured in our tasting pack and will be available in 700ml bottles now. Using NZ peated malt and distilled in 2016, presented at 42 ABV, it is a delicious brother to Moss, our Bourbon Cask Finish. 

You can read more on this and the history of Sherry here.

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