The condensers. 

A bit more detail on the condensers and installation. These are shell and tube with externally mounted seal pots and vents. The condensers themselves are supported via a huge PFC [ parallel flange channel ] beam that takes the half a tonne weight of each condenser. They are bolted to a steel carrier frame in grey via their base plates. 

 Here I'm standing on the scaffolding installing the seal pots to the condensers. The seal pot indicators, seen on the right seal pot, need to be moved to the inside edge of the pot so we can monitor them from the gantry window.  This involves grinding off the sockets and re drilling the pot and welding the sockets back into place. 

The Lyne arms carry the alcohol rich condensate  into the top of the condensers. and in the middle of the picture are the stainless curved pipes that carry the flow of spirit to the safe from the bottom of the condenser. 

Close up detail of the top of the condenser, with the cold water outlet pipe to the left. Cold water flows into the bottom of the condenser and out the top creating a counter current heat exchanger. The seal pot is the stainless tube in the foreground, that acts as a non mechanical safety valve. It has a simple water level inside and prevents under and over pressure events. 

The small port on the top is an air eliminator that allows bleeding of air from the system.