Distillery Build Update 21/5/23

The barrel room, which will house our private casks, events and large tastings is now fully lined, with a great feature window showing the stills. The barrel racks have to be engineered to sustain earthquakes, and they will be installed next. 

 Installing the condensers turned out to be more tricky than we thought. They are outside for passive cooling, part of our path to a carbon zero distillery, and also self supporting on a seismic proof frame. The glazing had to be able to withstand the temperature of the Lyne arms and any movement and expansion from heat. 

The view from the still room gantry is worth it though. Looking out to the Pa Te Putiki O Kahu is really beautiful.  You will just have to come visit is to see for yourself. 

We are now fully waterproof and enclosed, ready for the final fit off for electricity and steam.