Waiheke Whisky release plans for 2022


We are proud to introduce “Adventures in New Zealand Peat”. After over a decade of distilling, filling, storing, refilling, marrying and vatting, next week our first Tasting Set will be online for orders & dispatch.


We’ve launched with peat because we feel it has something to say about us.  Totally different from northern hemisphere peat and imparts a mellow back-end peatiness that’s delicious and different. Our peated whiskies seem to win the most medals. Moss & Bog Monster are multiple gold medal winners, and our sherry finish peated Seris 1** is the biggest seller behind the bar at The Heke (link to www.theheke.co.nz) 


If peat is still growing on you, you’ll be relieved to know that we also make non-peated whisky. Our 7 year old ‘Dyad’ - Chardonnay finish has won two Gold medals in the past month, and all three Waiheke Whisky medal winners in ‘The Drammys 2022’ competition were non-peated.

Why a Tasting Set first? 

We decided to release tasting sets to introduce you to our range, alongside new make spirit so you can get a feel for the base profile, to be followed closely by the full size bottles. 

Our entire range has won medals and nothing is under 5 years old, most over 7. We will release some of our older whisky in our Single Cask Special Circumstances (SC)range later in the year but we thought it would be good to get you amongst as much of the whisky as we can early on. As the initial 700 ml bottles are batch limited releases, anyone buying a Tasting Set will have a 48 hours heads-up to pre-order the full sized 700ml bottles that feature in the Set. After that time the release will open to the general public and select retailers. 


Virtual tastings. 

The packs each have a QR code to lead you to a virtual tasting video on our website. 

There are 2 levels of tasting: beginners and enthusiast. The beginner’s video takes you though a the tasting, looking at nose, palate and finish for all the 4 whiskies.
The enthusiast is full geek mode, with information on our production, bottles, stills, peat, fermentation, yeast and much more.  

 You can watch the Tasting Pack Virtual Tastings on our YouTube channel here

 What’s in the pack? 

The first pack contains: 

Detailed tasting mat / poster.

Four 50 ml bottles:

Moss / Seris 1* / Bog Monster / Peated new make spirit

All nestled in the Presentation bookshelf collectors box, that will form a full set over the next 3 years.


So when can I buy a full bottle? 

The first 700ml bottles will be available to pre-order online on Matariki weekend, 24th June 2022. As mentioned, pre-orders are preferentially available to those who buy a Tasting Set

Moss is release 1, and Seris 1* is release 2. 

These are essentially the same whisky, but with deliciously different barrel finishes, lightly peated, Moss is bourbon cask finish, Seris 1* is PX Apera  (Australian sherry).

 What’s next for Waiheke Whisky

Releases: We have 3 more release packs before the end of the year, including our gold medal Dyad wine barrel finishes, our SC (special circumstances) and a Xmas release, so make sure you keep watching for our emails (if you add this reply email address to your favourites right now it will help ensure the emails are not blocked) and follow us on social media so you don’t miss out. 


The new distillery: We are currently building our new distillery at The Heke (www.theheke.co.nz) It is a purpose-built distillery, brewery, event space and bespoke beautiful whisky bar, that will sit alongside the restaurant that opened in December 2021. 

 Thank you

Our small, hard-working team are grateful for your support and patience to date. We will keep working hard with a focus on quality, and keep you regularly updated on progress of everything as we go along. 

 Ngā mihi nui from Mark, Pat, Colin, Richard, Rosie. 



**No, Seris 1 is not a typo:  Our name Seris 1 is often called out as a typo, people assuming it’s meant to be series 1. But no, in the same vein of all the Waiheke Whisky names, it has a hidden meaning, referencing it’s finish in PX Apera ‘sherry’ cask:
The Arabic place name “Šeriš” was in use in the XII century in reference to Jerez, and the English word “Sherry” was not derived from Jerez, rather that both words were derived from the Arabic name “Šeriš”. Thus, while in Spain the word evolved via Xeres to Jerez, in England it evolved via “Sherris” to “Sherry”.