Our bespoke 700ml bottle design, a first look.

Making whisky in 2022 is not just about good liquid, we have a chance to break convention and innovate for a better future. Sustainability is not just a buzz word.

Questions we asked about whisky were ....Why ship heavy bottomed glass bottles weighing over a kilo around the world? Why glue cork onto plastic just so you can get an extra sensation opening the bottle? Can we use recycled glass? How can we encourage reuse?

Here is your first peek at our bottles and some reasoning behind the design. 

Its a full 700ml bottle, thats conventional enough, the brief was...


1.Recognisable as a whisky bottle but not derivative of anything in particular. 

We wanted a NZ bottle, representative of us and our distillery.  We have incorporated our 2 stills into the bottle, the neck being our onion shaped wash still and the base has our geodesic design from the shoulders of the spirit still. 

2.Minimum of 50% recycled glass

Sure it may not be premium enough but thats all rubbish as far as we are concerned. It's about the liquid, the story and our place in the whisky diaspora. Recycled glass is clearly the way to go and the bottle and marketing should not detract from this. 

3.Screw cap.

Ok. We've got another entire post on this subject but suffice to say this was a long debate over many years.  There are NO downsides to a screw cap that we can see other than an emotional / sensorial one and we can live with that. 


We make all the whisky on an island but we need to get it into your hands and unless you come to us [ yes please! ], we need to ship the bottle to a retailer or to you directly. Again adding huge chunks of glass to the base of the bottle or using large or thick bottle to add a premium quality just felt like distraction and certainly isn't environmentally friendly in any way. 

5.Able to comfortably fit into anyones hand, no machismo. 

Our whisky is for everyone, ( of a legal age.. ). We wanted a thin, elegant bottle that felt comfortable to hold. 


so...  here it is. Naked, no labels, no capsule.