Reviews, Podcasts, Links and more!

We are getting out there now with our whisky, so we thought we would build a page that contains links to  all our latest reviews, news and content

  First up, Dave Broom has a look at our Adventures in NZ peat tasting pack, as well as a lovely piece on NZ whiskies.


 The fantastic One Nation Under Whisky podcast featured our own Colin and Mark talking everything from New Make to ABV and NZ peat and Joshua takes us through our first tasting pack.

 Mark Gillespie likes the Bog monster on this Whisky cast Episode giving it a 92/100.


 One of our favourite YouTube video-graphers  is First Phil Whisky,  here Phil pulls out Cantankerous for a special mention as one of his top whiskies for 2022!

  The superb Single Malt Review has a full breakdown of our first releases and tasting pack. Funny and engaging Tim and Dave take you through our first tasting pack.


 Colin dropped a few packs off to various folks when he was in Scotland in August 2022. Neill is known as an honest voice in the whisky review scene, so we were delighted to read this review from him.