Distillery Build Update 6/12/22

The condensers are on. This was a huge geometry puzzle and Zane from Envoy did an outstanding job getting everything lined up. On our crazy pursuit of maximum efficiency and environmental impact, we designed the condensers to be outside the still room, poking though our cathedral window to make use of the cold southerly winds to help chill the condensers. This turned out to be an engineering nightmare. Moving 1.5 tonnes of stills in the vertical, horizontal and rotational plane to line up with the condensers was tricky. 

Here Zane, left, talks to Raymond with a tonne of condensers and frames hanging from the crane. We had to cut the frame to get them into position around the scaffolding. Ultimately the condensers will hang from the large steel beam in the foreground. 

Condensers in and strapped securely. The frame is temporarily on pit props as the  gaskets and bolts are tightened on the Lyne arms. 

Everything in position and safe.