Distillery build update 22/6/22

Here is  the first photographic render of the distillery. It gives some idea of the scale of the new stills, and the building.  It's 7m high and 30m long. To the immediate right  you can see the barreling room, and beyond the tasting rooms and shop. 

Back in the real world, it's been a soggy week but things have progressed with the channel drains,  insulation and steel for the slab. 

The base course is installed, waterproofing membrane then insulation with a steel cage. 
The insulation is an expanded polyurethane product made from recycled materials. 
Project manager, Antony, is a pretty calm guy, but just gets things done. Here he's  being a great help to Kev to get the insulation down in what will be the tasting room toilets. 
We need to repeat the channel drains set up, opposite this finished one, next week.
Then the entire site will be ready for the concrete pour. This is booked now for Monday the 4th of July.  Stay tuned, ill post video of the best bits!