Release number 1

We are proud to introduce to you
Adventures in NZ peat, and excited to show you our expressions of this amazing resourse.

adventures in New Zealand peat

gift pack and collectors edition

1 New make spirit 46%

2 Moss 42%

3 Bog Monster 46%

4 Sherry Peat. 44%

A limited edition tasting pack, with 3 of our peated expressions and New Make spirit. Presenting the best New Zealand peat has to offer, the kit contains 4x 50ml tasting bottles, a tasting guide and access to our online tasting sessions, in a limted edition box.

After you have enjoyed the whiksy, there are are a few keep sakes inside for the collectors. The packaging is 100% recyclable.

sneak preview release 2

dog years

keep an eye out at DRAMFEST 2022 for our non peated expressions, including medal winning Cantakerous, Dyad & Sweetwater.


Our logo symbolises the mirroring of New Hemisphere Whisky. We reflect and respect the tradition of the old world, but we feel more connection to Japan. We are part of Oceania, but have deep roots back to Scotland and Ireland, the early immigrants bringing with them whisky and distilation.