Five go to Dramfest

The team of 5 mates from Waiheke Whisky set off to Christchurch on a Friday night in March 2018 to experience our very first New Zealand Dramfest 2018, It will not be our last. Overall we had an extraordinarily great time, meeting our fellow craft distillers, trying whisky from all over the world, and getting some very warm and excited feedback from those who tried our whisky. 

World whisky legends, authors, and Dramfest celebrity guests, Dave Broom and Charlie Maclean each had a wee dram of our pre-release sample and both asked to be kept in the loop with our progress and LOVED the whisky, which was incredibly satisfying and exciting.  We caught Mr. MacLean's reaction to our Rosie as she took advantage of a book signing to pop one of our early whisky's in for a wee tasting. There was a very happy smile - see the top right pic! 

We are looking forward to the years when we will be at Dramfest as a leading New Zealand whisky, representing new world whisky made on an island. We have a hunch that distilling in a maritime environment that makes some of the worlds best whisky. 

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