A new DRAM is born

When you take a good look around our website www.waihekewhisky.com and read our story you'll see this has been quite a journey. A 10 year ride so far. If you keep reading this News page you'll see just how mad about whisky we are.

We have stacks of beautiful barrels of new, 1, 2 and 3+ plus year old whisky but we're happy taking more time to take this to the market. It's a labour of love and an investment in every way you can name, so we couldn't be any prouder than we are today to have these Waiheke Whisky IZZARD Single Malt samples in 200 ml bottles ready for a swig or two on their wee ride to Christchurch. We may have snuck in a cheeky peated one too. 

We have one Mainlander in our Collective, one Canadian, an Englishman and two from 'up north'; but we're all going to be there wearing our Waiheke Whisky smiles and we'd love it if you found us to say Hi to.  We will all be at Dramfest both Saturday and Sunday as punters, and next time 2020 we will be there for real. Thank you for your friendship in spirit.

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